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I was born into a family of travelers – the kind that set out to see the world and collect experiences, either by choice or by fortuitous circumstances. Ever since I can remember, my parents were gone on a trip somewhere. Soon enough I was traveling, too.

When I was only two years old, I had my first solo trip experience flying as an unaccompanied minor. My parents handed me off to a flight attendant, no hassle on my part. I met my loving grandma an hour later at the flight’s arrival gate acting like it was no big deal. It was the 70's and my parents worked for an airline, but most importantly, I loved every minute of it!

Have Kid, Will Travel to Paris


​At 11, I convinced my parents to send me to summer camp in London. I managed to travel across continents alone, including a five-hour layover in Paris that involved changing local airports, from Charles de Gaulle to Orly.    

Ever since, I’ve craved not only the thrill of a new trip but knowing that for each adventure that takes me away from the life I know, there's a transformative experience waiting for me just ahead. Whenever I’m about to embark on a new journey, it is this one truth that makes me both extremely happy and nervous at the same time.


I've walked down cobbled streets in Europe and in the Middle East, marveling at the history exposed around each corner. I've explored exotic islands in Southeast Asia without a hurry or an agenda. I've climbed pyramids in my native Mexico and rested in awe under the shade of the Egyptian ones. I've biked across Amsterdam and sailed around Manhattan. I've been fortunate enough to see a few places in this life, and I'm excited about the many others still out there to explore.


As a single mom, I regard traveling with my daughter as an opportunity to strengthen our bond as we learn about the world together. Every parent knows that traveling with kids can be challenging. For single parents, that often means working twice as hard along the way. One thing that has helped me when spending extended periods of time in a new place is finding other parents in similar situations who are also interested in coming together for play dates, fun activities, and overall supporting each other as we go.  Building a sense of community is key for the kids and the parents.


My vision for this blog is to serve as a source of inspiration and support for like-minded people whether they’re already traveling with their kids, living as expats in remote places, planning a new trip, or considering a new move abroad.


The more I open up and share with other parents with similar interests, the more supported I feel in my journey. Hope you can feel that way, too. 



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