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Why work with me?

I'm a communications strategist and content creator by trade, a project manager by nature, and a storyteller at heart.

I have helped big and small businesses fine-tune their messaging to strengthen their positioning.


I’ve trained top-level executives to communicate their messages effectively, on good days, and amid crisis situations.


I've been a brand spokesperson and a guest speaker at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), sharing tips and best practices on special events planning. 


But above it all, I love telling stories. My stories have helped sell products, announced new services, covered exotic destinations, and rallied around a few great causes. Most of those stories were in the news. Some won awards. A couple achieved world records!

My favorite stories involve travel, innovation, and self-discovery. I'm always excited to know that my next big story is just around the corner.   

Do you have a story to tell? If so, I can help you!



Freelance / Guest Writing

Content writing of travel guides, articles and features; single parent lifestyle stories and blog posts; copywriting for companies, websites and tour operators; etc.

Fam / Press Trips Coverage

Increased exposure for destinations, products and/or travel services through articles developed for Have Kid, Will Travel and for other media/ blogger partners

Hotel / Tours / Activities / Product Reviews
Fair and honest opinions shared through Have Kid, Will Travel blog posts and social channels

Mystery Guest Services
Professional travel services / products assessment and report preparation, including recommended communications strategies and messaging 

Public Relations and Event Planning Services

More than 20 years of experience in these fields at your service!

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