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Enchanted nights in Los Angeles

One of the many things I love about LA is the array of experiences the city and its parks, venues, museums, et al offer to anyone willing to venture out and away from the couch to enjoy an outing of fun.

Visiting Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens was the perfect thing to do on a winter weeknight to recharge the spirit and reconnect with friends.

Already a beautiful place worth visiting anytime of the year, Descanso lights up during the holiday season to create a stunning visual experience that translates into pure joy. Interactive light and art installations are paired with beautiful atmospheric sounds throughout the grounds, and food and drink stations in strategic spots make for a nice walk in the woods.

We stayed for about an hour and a half, and while my 4-year old certainly enjoyed it, my 40-something friends and I felt like we could stay all night.


  • Buy your tickets online ahead of time

  • Bring warm clothes and walking shoes

  • Go on a weeknight and plan your visit for earlier in the evening to avoid crowds

  • Grab a bite by the lake - their burgers are to die for!

  • Try the mulled wine - it's delicious and it'll keep you warm inside

  • Enchanted: Forest of Light is open through January 7

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