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Out of Time

Godofredo Efrain González Rodríguez, R.I.P.

I thought we'd have more time together I imagined sunny days ahead with you Meanwhile, your soul became untethered You were just waiting for your cue

I waited by your side with hopes still high But time was up, your strength all gone Sunken eyes that lost their shine Your voice, your spirit, withdrawn

Frail skin stuck to the bone A shell of the oak that once stood strong A soul seeking safe passage home A grueling agony prolonged

Time stood still next to your bed Anguish pushing reason away Glimpses of light, more days of dread In the end, we couldn’t stay

You held on as much as you could God knows what you were holding to I rest now, knowing you rest, too Your spirit rising into the blue

Now I seek within for your voice A loving guide, a subtle nudge Rising above the noise A distant touch.

# # #

Father's Day 2022



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